The wolf in Yellowstone

August 5, 2010 Gray Wolves regains protection under Endangered Species Act after ruling by Federal Judge.

wolf waiting for the kill

This photo was taken between Mammoth and Tower Falls in Yellowstone National Park. © Shawn Coggins The elk had an injured leg so the wolf pack played a waiting game. The elk after several hours wandered out of sight over the hill. So I went hiking on the Beaver Lake Trail out of Mammoth. The wolf if you look closely is collared. The rest of the wolf pack was resting nearby in the shade. The next day when I returned there was a coyote feasting on the elk carcass. Discovered that the elk and the wolf pack returned to this little lake around 4 am to finish their business.

wolf Yellowstone National Park © Shawn Coggins.

Collared wolf ignoring wounded elk in Yellowstone National Park © Shawn Coggins.
Wolves are patient when their kill is a sure thing.

black wolf Yellowstone National Park © Shawn Coggins.

Black wolf in trees, Yellowstone National Park © Shawn Coggins.

"It is sometimes hard to tell the difference between wolves and coyotes, especially from a distance. Wolves are larger, bulkier, and stout on their feet. Coyotes are shorter, sleeker, and light on their feet. Look for a combination of characteristics." Note 01

For those of you who have never heard the call of the wild, a wolf howling, then here is a treat.
Link to Wolf Howling sound clip done by a wolf researcher in Montana. Page also shows pawprint of a wolf.

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bighorn Yellowstone Park © Shawn Coggins coyote